Why We Give

The Shah Family

“It is an honor and privilege to contribute to the Dream. Believe. Achieve. Campaign at CDS.  The school’s sound principles, sincere values, clear vision, and authentic leadership harmonize with the core beliefs of our family and the educational future for our two children, Aydan and Ava. It is with gratitude that we give this gift with the hope that it benefits the lives of CDS Patriots both now and in the future.”

The McNamara Family

“Since my children started attending Carrollwood Day School in 2006, it has been a priority to me to contribute and be involved in the amazing growth and changes at the school. My Senior and 7th grade daughters have benefited greatly from the many previous campaigns and campus improvement projects.  I am really excited to be part of the next phase of the school’s evolution and look forward to my 7th grade daughter and future generations to enjoy these cutting edge facilities.”

The Mullane Family

“We are proud to support the Dream. Believe. Achieve. Campaign because it not only invests in the future of our two sons, but it also invests in the future of Carrollwood Day School.  We wholeheartedly believe in the mission of CDS and its character-based education and feel that the school is important to the Tampa Bay community. As a family, we all love CDS and are so grateful that we chose it as our school. We’re the Patriots, let’s go CDS!”

The Brynjolfsson Family

“After 18 years of being a CDS family, I still get excited about all that CDS is offering its students and the broader community. Being a part of CDS’s past growth, and participating in other capital campaigns, has been very rewarding for us; realizing that we can help to make improvements benefitting 1,000+ students and their families. We took the opportunity this year to show our gratitude for the positive influence that CDS Education with Character has had on our four children during their K-12 years. Alan and I wanted to give back to CDS’s current and future families so that they can realize and enjoy the vision planned for the new Innovation Center.”

The Sutton Family

“We were impressed with CDS from our first visit. Obviously, CDS has a beautiful campus and amazing sports fields and gymnasium, but we were most impressed with the teachers, staff, and overall culture. The faculty and staff truly care about shaping our future generations into not only smart and successful individuals but into caring and compassionate people. We were excited to learn about the plans for the Center for Innovation and the opportunities it will offer the students and our girls.  A state-of-the-art facility promoting forward-thinking and entrepreneurship.  We are so excited to be a part of this incredible addition to the campus and a part of CDS history.”

The Owen Family

“We chose to contribute to the capital campaign because we’ve seen how much CDS has grown over the past 5 years, and wanted to be a part of its future growth.  We believe the expansion will benefit not only our daughter, but every student as well as future Patriots.”

The Fisher Family

“For our family, the decision to support CDS was an easy one.  The faculty and staff at CDS has created a community that has allowed our boys to thrive.  Our feeling is that the world-class academics and character-based education are unmatched in the area.

Our boys have made lifelong friends and mentors at CDS.  We know that they will continue to support CDS and be a part of the community long after they graduate.

We give to CDS so the current generation can continue to excel and future generations of Patriots can build on this success.”

The Menendez Family

“We believe in the philosophy that CDS offers to all of the children; after learning the full extent of what the Capital Campaign will bring to CDS, I could not see ourselves not contributing in some form or fashion. We wanted to be able to tell our son that we were a part of this mission and that his benefit, along with the benefit of all the students, was our inspiration to do so. Many families have stepped up in many ways throughout the history of CDS and this is our time to be the example for future generations to come.”